Allison Belcher

My husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at age 27. We spent a year and a half at Erlanger hospital off and on with over 30 stays; some lasting up to two weeks. I was able to eat meals in the Ronald McDonald Family Room located in Erlanger hospital. At first, it was a place to just get away and eat a nice meal that didn't cost me an arm or leg for. Then it became so much more than that! One day I was doing laundry and ended up talking with the volunteers in there for an hour. It led to tears and sharing our story with them, something I didn't tell many people. A few days later it turned into me talking with other people in there about there children and families. I still have contact with some of them as well! The Ronald McDonald Family Room isn't just a place for a meal, hot shower, or a laundry room. It's a place of healing that only the other people in the room can understand and help you with. I have met over 50 people there and all have different stories and walks of life; but, all of us need a shoulder to cry on, someone to rejoice with, or just need a listening ear. Thank you Ronald McDonald Family Room at Erlanger Hospital!

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