Maranda Pitcock

My daughter is my miracle, she is my rock! During my pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. After this diagnosis, I immediately started administrating injection of insulin for myself and my unborn child daily. Regardless of my fear of needles, this was what I had to do and the fear never once entered my mind. I followed all of the advice given to me by my doctors in hopes that she would not come too early. I didn’t know what the future held for us but knew I would do anything to make sure she was healthy. 

She gave us several false alarms and sent us to the hospital multiple times with contraction. Luckily, each event was able to be reversed and she got to grow a little more before making her grand entrance. On March 5, 1997 my baby girl entered this world at 4:58 a.m. and was taken to NICU immediately. It was hours before we heard anything or were allowed to see her again. I can’t express in words the fear I felt as a new mother. All I could do was pray and to ask God to trust me to honor His word and to allow me to care for His gift from above. I silently let the tears roll down my cheeks as each second pasted. Time felt like it had stopped and would never start again as we waited to see our daughter, our angel from God. 

Of course, with this first visit, we were warned about what we were getting ready to see but nothing can truly prepare you. Because her veins were so tiny they couldn’t get an IV started and she had been poked and stuck numerous times. She had bruised because of the multiple attempts. She was hooked up to multiple monitors and screens. We couldn’t hold or touch her. But, being able to see her brought some relief to my aching heart. I wanted to take all her pains away and to fix what was hurting her. I would have given anything to make it easier for her. The doctors and nurses were doing all that they could and told us that the next few days would be tough but that she was a fighter. Everything happened so quickly from that moment on. I was being cared for, and every chance I got I went to visit my daughter. Once I was discharged I went into a panic not knowing what I would do because there was no way I was leaving my daughter alone to fight for her life without me. 

This is where Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Greater Chattanooga stepped in and opened up their home and welcomed us to their family. I can only describe this experience as a blessing from God, a true miracle. It is a home away from home and it’s across the street from your loved ones. Maranda continued to fight daily but her little body was giving out and was overworking itself from that fight. 

On Friday, March 8, 1997 the doctors met with us and told us that they didn’t think she would make it through the night. She could not breathe on her own and had stopped breathing several times even with the help of oxygen and the breathing machine. We were heartbroken and devastated. We asked to be with her. Again, my tears rolled silently down my cheeks as I prayed and talked to Maranda through her glass bed. Maranda didn’t get the memo from the doctors about their concerns. She rested and continued to fight for her life. I prayed harder than I have ever prayed before. 

I again asked God to believe in me like I believed in Him and to trust me to honor Him with His gift. I asked Him to let me be her mother. Let me guide and direct her in life. Let me share Your word and love her with all I am. I never stopped praying. 

As of 2015, she is 18 years old! She is an amazing young lady who loves with all of her heart. She’s strong willed, independent, goal-oriented, loving, caring, helpful, respectful, responsible, and compassionate. I could go on and on because she’s mine. She is my rock and my reason for never giving up. She is my example, she is my fighter, my miracle from God. I volunteer in her honor because, if it wasn’t for RHMC, I wouldn’t have been there during her fight and things could have been different for her and my family. She knew I was there praying and talking to her asking her to fight and to stay with me. She could hear my love for her in my voice before I ever got to hold her in my arms. 

Maranda has been volunteering with me since she turned 13 years old. We have done Bug-A-Paluza and Adopt-A-Meal for several years. It’s our way of giving back and for saying thank you for being there in our time of need. You all are family and we look forward to seeing everyone each time we visit. God Bless each and every one of you for all you do for this wonderful organization. It was a true blessing in my life and I love being able to share it with my daughter.

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