Jane Kaylor

My name is Jane Kaylor and I have the privilege of being the CEO of RMHC of Greater Chattanooga and my Ronald McDonald House story spans two generations. In 1978 my daughter, Lori, was diagnosed with leukemia and was treated in Memphis at St. Jude Hospital at a time when there wasn't a Ronald McDonald House there. A Ronald House would have made a very difficult time much easier, particularly during long treatment stays away from home. 

Fast forward to 2006 when my first granddaughter was born and development Strep B Meningitis when she was 24 hours old. A 17-day NICU stay and the quick reactions of the great NICU doctors saved her life and gave us a new perspective of what our NICU families face with courage on a daily basis. While my son and daughter-in-law only used the Ronald McDonald Family Room during their stay, they knew the House was there for them also. Their second baby, Abby, was born without any complications and went home from the hospital with mom. A third pregnancy brought the biggest surprise of all--triplets! 

Jaxon, Cameron and Brooklyn were born at 35 week gestation and sent to NICU with wimpy lungs. How fortunate we have been to bring these precious ones into our family and to be able to share them with our Ronald McDonald House family. The picture attached was made just after they came home from the hospital and they are now terribly two and their big sisters alternately love them to death. They look for opportunities to stay at Grammy's or NeNe and Paw-Paw's to have some peace. 

We wish every family who needs the services of our Ronald McDonald House or Family Room a happy and healthy outcome for their child. We are indeed blessed.

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