Maverick Varnell

Baby Maverick was born at 30 weeks. After I was discharged just two days after giving birth, we weren't sure exactly what we were going to do. During that time, Maverick had a really tough day and they weren't sure what was causing it; this led me and my husband to tears. We had applied to stay at the Ronald McDonald House but had to wait for a confirmation of approval. We threw around every single possibility we could think of in order to be close to Maverick.  We even thought of ideas from renting an apartment to staying in our car just to be close. We soon received confirmation that we could stay at the House! 

The Ronald McDonald house was without a doubt one of the biggest blessings we received. It allowed us to not stress about things, while we focused on our baby and making him better. We truly believe that Maverick did so well because we could both be there; that was only possible thanks to the Ronald McDonald House. We stayed exactly six weeks. Two weeks after being home, Maverick was rushed back to the hospital by ambulance after he quit breathing. While in the hospital for those three days, we used the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Erlanger Hospital as a "break room" to clear our heads. 

This charity holds such a special place in our hearts now. If it wasn't for the Ronald McDonald House, their staff, and services, I don't know what we would have done. I cannot thank them enough. It will always be a huge part of our lives, and part of Maverick's story!

(Written by: Megan Varnell)

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