Graclynn has been doing great. We were told if she ever got admitted to the hospital again, we could stay at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) again; we totally would. They have some of the nicest and friendliest environments you could ask to be around in a time of need.  There is support from others all going through something similar as you, if not worse.  Everyone at the House comes together as one. This leaves you knowing that in the end, you have support however your circumstances turn out. RMHC provides warm food, a caring staff, and a “home away from home,” aura. I highly recommend it for anyone who's staying in the hospital and needs company. Grace got admitted a few months back and we didn't want to leave her side. Struggling for money and food while staying there, they had a Family Room in the hospital where you could eat, wash clothes, or just take a breather. One way or another, RMHC was there for us. Thank you guys so much for your help and what you will continue to do for families all over.

Written by: Olivia Piatt (mom)

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